Collection of Gothic Girl Pictures

Checkout these ladies of the goth culture.


Extremely hardcore goth girl.

goth-girls2Cute gothic girl in black dress

goth-girls3Picture of gothic gal

goth-girls4Goth girl with lip ring in this photo

goth-girls5Couple of goth girls in upscale attire.

26 thoughts on “Collection of Gothic Girl Pictures

  1. The first picture… she’s beautiful. And the last are Japanese Visual Kei Goth. They are also great. I think they’re going for the “Mana from Malice Mizer” look. How wonderful! =D

  2. my name soukaina my from morocco i love stile metal and guotique girl or boy but my frommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………..

  3. Actually the second and the forth are the cutest… the second, i think it’s a victorian goth
    the third one is cute also, but i think she crossed the line with that rubber black lipstik
    the first one is too exagerated, the american way of seeing gothic style, and the last, the japan gals, well.. they are cute, but i don’t realy like their style…

    conclusion, the Victorian girl i like the most

  4. Third is the hottest. First and last look like clowns second is not bad from what you can see of her. Forth looks like… “I am suicidal… I’m cool right…?”

  5. The top pic with 45 on her necklace is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen.

  6. The first is too hardcore for meh
    I can’t say she’s beautiful cuz idk wat she looks like
    I think victorian goth is da best

  7. Oh my goth! The 3rd one ist damn cute :3

    But back to Topic:
    I’m goth myself and some of u guys really talk bullshit, even this “look at the goths”-site ist bullshit, only came here because of google…
    head banger is right in what he said… definetly…

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