Pictures of Cute Gothic Guys

Here a few pictures of some good looking gothic human beings of the male species.

Picture of cute young goth/emo guy.

gothguy2Buff goth guy who resembles chris angel in this picture.

gothguy3Picture of couple of gothic teenage guys.

25 thoughts on “Pictures of Cute Gothic Guys

  1. Second picture is of Klayton. Music artist more notable for his band Celldweller. He’s also a good friend of Chris Angel.

  2. The guy in the second picture is Klayton. He does Electrinic-Rock music. Check him out. His stage name is Celldweller. Plus, his music is the shit!

  3. hey im single and im looking for the right guy
    no one gets me i dont just look at your face i look at you personality
    please tag me

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